If you are planning a vacation in any area where the natives speak a different language than you, it is a good idea to become familiar with some key phrases in that language. People who visit Thailand and learn a bit of the Thai language are more likely to have a great time on their trip. Natives of Thailand love to greet visitors who have taken the time to learn a few things! It gives them a sense of pride in their homeland, knowing that a visitor wanted to blend in a bit while visiting. There are a lot of phrases that you could learn before a vacation, but there are some that will be more helpful than others. No matter what you will be doing on your trip, certain things will be necessary. Being able to ask where restrooms and places to eat are will help you everyday. Finding restaurants online is of course a possibility, but asking in Thai and being directed by a native gives you the experience of being part of the Thai culture. As you plan your trip and decide what places you will be visiting, figure out what phrases and questions may be helpful for you to learn. Being able to ask where certain places are, and understanding enough Thai to follow the directions given is a very useful preparation, as well as learning enough Thai to be able to read signs in the area that point to certain places. The people of Thailand will be happy to help. You could even learn enough Thai to ask for suggestions of things to do. Finally, it would be fun to learn how to say common phrases such as asking how someone is doing, greeting people, and asking about the weather. Practice your Thai on the hotel manager and on your waiter at the restaurant. When you go into stores, practice it on the people working in them. Study your Thai and get ready for a great vacation.

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