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Windsurfing in Thailand


Windsurfing is gaining popularity in Thailand.

Thailand is not a super windy place. You won’t see the amazing freestyle moves of Bonaire or the Gorge, nor will you see the hot wave sailing action. With average wind strengths of 8- 18knots Windsurfers here are mainly using sails from 6.0M to 8.5M. In the worlds top locations a 6.0M sail is considered large.

So why do core windsurfers from all over the world choose to settle in Thailand?

As manufacturing costs in China increase, medium to large size companies are choosing to set up in Thailand where their specialized engineers and top level management are happy to move with their families.

Thailand’s perpetually warm water and even warmer people. Low cost of living and very comfortable healthy lifestyle make the choice of leaving their homes utterly bearable.

Many classic Mediterranean retirement destinations are more expensive after the Euro’s introduction. Thailand, with it’s Idealic Beachside lifestyle is becoming a popular place to make those pension Pounds, early retirement Euros’, and dwindling Dollars go further.

Grass roofed beach-side sail racks, make tedious equipment preparation unnecessary. Residents sit around in the shade, talking or simply admiring the parade of International beach goers.

As soon as the wind is good, they are on the water in minutes on the latest windsurfing gear, some of which is designed especially for the lighter wind conditions. On good days when the wind is over 15 knots , there are over 20 sails on the water in the best spots. While this number is tiny compared to the world’s classic destinations where windsurfers number in the hundreds. It is double what you may have seen 3 years ago in Thailand.

Thai people are enjoying the sport in larger numbers also. A club in “Tabsai” near to Bang San University is hugely popular among Thai’s who have regular camp outs and parties there on weekends.

On Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, The government and City sponsored Windsurfing Association of Thailand has been revived by a team of ex Thai windsurfing champions, coaches and local politician’s. The benefit of this work has gone straight into the local community where kids, are training and competing in local and overseas competitions. It is heart warming to meet these youngsters who are polite, happy, self-reliant and who will grow up with a close connection to sport and the environment. Everyone is welcome to join the local windsurfing races. With up to 70 entries and many international guests, Thailand is producing high-level athletes, often from poor or broken families.

Pattaya City, about 2.5 hours drive SE from Bangkok, is notorious for it’s red-light district and the people it attracts. However it is brimming with international restaurants, world-class hotels, inexpensive shopping and is still one of the greatest places to learn Windsurfing.

About 10 km south of Pattaya you will find 2 of the largest Water sports clubs in Thailand. This area is where the locals, expats,(foreigner’s living in Thailand) and tourists come to take windsurfing lessons, play and relax.

Kite boarding or kite surfing has brought more people to learn about windsurfing also. While some experienced windsurfers like to do both sports, many family people prefer the safety, greater challenge and independence of windsurfing.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding a water-sport anyone can learn in a few minutes is growing quickly here. Used for sightseeing, cross-training on no-wind days, surfing or as a simple yet diverse sport that gives you great at-one with nature time in any conditions.


October 27, 2013 |

Thailand Real Estate Market in Phuket – Your Choice For Second Home After Retirement


The cost of living is always the main concern for most of us. In order to enjoy life after retirement, many people choose to migrate to other countries where the cost of living is much lower. For people who have intention to look for second home after retirement, I would like to introduce you one ideal place, i.e. Phuket, Thailand.

Nowadays, this island has become an international jet-set destination. The international airport is located in the north of the island. There are many schedule flights and chartered flights from different countries in Asia, Europe and North America landing in this island. In the past 10 years, many foreigners have been returning regularly to spend part or all the year in Phuket.

Let’s read on. I am going to show you how great this island is.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Its size is as big as Singapore. It is located off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. This island is “backed up’ by its rich culture and colorful history. It has successfully attracted many tourists because of its beautiful coastline, spectacular natural sights and a wide variety of sports activities. For people who love to explore, there are dozens of smaller islands around Phuket which you can reach within a few hours of boating. You can spend your leisure time going around easily.

Besides the breathtaking beaches, most of the retirees like Phuket because everything can be obtained in a convenient manner. The island is “well equipped” with international banks, shopping malls, restaurants and post offices. Both its infrastructures and local industries are well-developed. They are catered to suit foreign tastes and expectations. Almost all types of facilities we have in the city can be found in this island. I would say no matter how senior you are, you don’t have any problem to survive in this peaceful island.

Purchasing real property in Phuket is not really hard. There is an important thing you must know. You need to understand the land law in Thailand. In this special island, foreigners are not allowed to own land. However, you have the right to own buildings. The fastest way for you to settle down is through purchasing condominium. According to the latest regulations, 49% of a condo building can be owned by foreigners. The prices of the condominiums offered in Phuket are very attractive. You can own luxurious condominiums which come with great facilities. You can enjoy sea view if you choose to buy the unit facing the ocean. You don’t need to worry so much about the investment cost. You are able to get exceptionally luxury condominiums if you have a few hundred thousand dollars. Your cost of investment can be much lower if you are looking for normal condo.


October 20, 2013 |

Condominium Purchase in Thailand


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist and resort destinations in Asia, attracting millions of short-term and long-term guests annually from Europe, North America, Australia, and elsewhere. Many of these guests have selected Thailand as a vacation or retirement home, and many others have established small businesses here.

Whether you are young or old, whether you are still engaged in business or retired, condominium living in Thailand is very attractive for a number of reasons. One of these: Thai law, which generally does not allow foreigners to own landed property, does permit foreign ownership of condominiums. The process is simple and easy, but sound legal advice is needed to insure your interests are fully protected.

Whether you are seeking a condominium along a Bangkok mass-transit line; an ocean-side unit in Phuket, Pattaya or Hua Hin; or a condo in the cool mountains of northern Thailand, the procedure is the same: you should insure a title search is performed on the property, and a review of the legal contracts is conducted, before making any commitment. You then need to follow accepted procedures for the inward remittance of funds for the purchase; and finally you may attend the formal title deed transfer at the Land Department or delegate your legal advisor to do so on your behalf.

As a condo owner, you also have rights and responsibilities concerning management of the condominium complex, about which you need to be fully informed.

Insuring all legal steps are handled efficiently will be difficult if you do not already reside in Thailand on a full-time basis, so your choice of an advisor acting on your behalf is critical to a successful outcome.

Many property developers will suggest you use their own legal department to handle the paperwork; however, given the investment you are making in this foreign land, retaining an independent advisor insures your interests are fully protected.


October 13, 2013 |

Bangkok Condos – Living in the Heart of Thailand


Bangkok – The city

The city of Bangkok (The capital of Thailand) lies in the heart of the country. It serves not only as Thailand’s capital it is also Thailand’s largest city. Bangkok is a hit among foreigners for its booming tourism industry. There is an array of famous and interesting destinations for example Chitralada, Royal Grand Palace, Erawan Shrine, Wat Pho, the Reclining Buddha, the Bangkok National Museum, the Bangkok University Art Gallery and many more. In Thailand, Bangkok is indeed the place to be.

Bangkok condo rental

For those planning to stay for quite a while, Bangkok condominiums (or condos) are readily available. In addition the Condos for sale and for rent can be a good investment for the university student, the young professional, the bachelor, or event the foreigner who’s planning a long term visit.

Living in a condo in Bangkok

Living in a condominium in Bangkok has its benefits. For one, it is relatively affordable, upkeep is generally cheap and, safety is also somewhat guaranteed by the building security team prevalent in most condo projects.

Condo communities

A condo owner can become part of an exclusive community of fellow owner with most condo developments having spas, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and last but not least a library.

Condo investments

A lot of foreigners invest in condo units because it is the only form of asset a foreigner can claim legal possession of. Buying or renting a condo unit in Bangkok is also assisted as there are a myriad of resources in the form of real estate consultants and property agents there to assist in making the process less tiresome. Nowadays, buying or leasing a condo unit has become really expedient.

Condo listings

If you are particularly interested in condo living in Bangkok but you’re still in another country, you can easily check the listings over the internet. The listings of rental properties in Bangkok are usually and mostly located in the most pleasing districts for residential areas. So you can be assured that even if you don’t get to accomplish a viewing at least you know, the condo unit is situated favorably.


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